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RD-smMartin Shough and Wim van Utrecht have produced the first detailed study of Charles Fort’s groundbreaking book, The Book of the Damned, a century after its first publication. In Redemption Of The Damned: Vol. 1 Aerial Phenomena, the first of two volumes, both in full color, the authors have tackled all 82 of Fort’s anomalous observations in the fields of astronomy, meteorology, and atmospheric optics and subjected them to detailed critical scrutiny against period maps, investigation reports, and additional first-hand testimony. Kim Møller Hansen of Scandinavian UFO Information calls it “an insanely thorough and admirable detective work documented on more than 400 closely packed pages, over 800 notes and, not least, very interesting photos, drawings, maps, tables, etc.” Jerome Clark, writing in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, agrees: “The research that has gone into Redemption is nothing short of staggering…Redemption is a worthy and necessary addition to the small library of scientifically and informationally weighty UFO volumes.”  And John Rimmer nails it in his review in Magnolia : “Damned fine research . . . Each case is a model of how historical Fortean investigation should be done. . . . This is a remarkable achievement of not just Fortean study, but more general historical study…”

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