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ROTD2Authors Martin Shough and Wim van Utrecht, “both specialists in researching anomalous historical aerial phenomena—continue their project of honouring the pioneering work of Charles Fort by re-investigating some of his important cases,” writes Bob Rickard, in the Fortean Times review of their new book, Redemption of the Damned Vol. 2: Sea and Space Phenomena. “Where Fort is shown to have made some errors in reporting or lacked crucial data that was published elsewhere or later…there are many more cases in which Fort is shown to have correctly reported the data on which he offers his distinctive (and often sardonic) conclusions. With these, the authors have been able to consolidate Fort’s discovery with new information from later investigations or publications; we can now have greater trust in these cases. Shough and van Utrecht deserve to be applauded for their diligent labour among dusty archives, the fruits of which serve to underline both the value of research into anomalous phenomena and of re-examining the data … probably the closest forteans can come to being ‘scientific’ about their work.” Bill Chalker, writing in the blog The Oz Files, sums it up saying: “Redemption of the Damned provides seasoned Forteans and new players a wonderful resource that resonates powerfully with contemporary manifestations of the ‘damned.’  Highly recommended.”

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