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AgainstONE MAN………the USAF….and UFOs. Who is that man? His name is Donald E. Keyhoe. And he is the subject of our first biography: Against The Odds: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and His Battle to End UFO Secrecy, by Linda Powell. You may be wondering: who is Donald Keyhoe and why is he so important? Keyhoe is largely responsible for the twin pillars of current UFO belief: that UFOs represent extraterrestrial technology and that the government is hiding this truth from us. If you have been following the news recently, you’ll know that the government, despite denials, has continued its lack of transparency with regard to UFOs. Leslie Kean, who has spent 23 years herself advocating for government transparency on the subject, says about the book: “Against the Odds is a fascinating, in-depth biography about an extraordinary human being and courageous pioneer who could not be deterred. An inspiring work.” This work takes its rightful place next to the acclaimed biographies of J. Allen Hynek and James McDonald, the other two towering figures of the golden years of UFOlogy.

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