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EFThose who are knowledgable about the poltergeist phenomenon have nothing but praise for The Elusive Force: A Remarkable Case of Poltergeist Activity and Psychokinetic Power by Anna Ostrzycka and Marek Rymuszko, and translated by Joel Stern. John Kruth, in his review in the Journal of Parapsychology, says “The case of Joasia Gajewska is one of the most phenomenal reports of long-lasting poltergeist activity that has ever been published.” Rosemarie Pilkington, in her review in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, explains why: “This case is one of the most important I have seen in a long time. It is one of the best-documented and well-investigated examples of Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK), also known popularly as “poltergeist” activity that has emerged to date…Joasia’s case is so rich because not only did she unleash such extremely powerful forces, but also such a variety of phenomena, too numerous to mention here, from spontaneous water appearing on walls to unexplained fires and shattering light bulbs whose filaments glowed long afterwards, to flying objects making right turns in mid-air…What makes Joasia’s case even more important is that Dr. Gadula did what, unfortunately, few researchers have done in other countries: He brought in other physicians, scientists, and researchers for a multi-disciplined study of the teenager…” Even those not so familialr with the subject, like David Trawinski of the Polish American Journal, had to admit the book was “thought-provoking.” We think you will, too.

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