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hill-14-20-20.jpgJohn Fuller’s The Interrupted Journey is one of the two books (the other is The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward Ruppelt) that got us hooked on the UFO subject some 40 years ago. That book told the story the “first” UFO abduction, the Barney and Barney Hill encounter of September 1961. Fourteen years after the incident, NBC aired the story in a made-for-TV movie titled The UFO Incident with James Earl Jones as Barney Hill, and Estelle Parsons as Betty. Then in September of 2000, nearly 40 years after the original incident, a group of seasoned, independent UFO researchers got together at Indian Head, New Hampshire, to re-evaluate this classic UFO abduction case. Among the participants were Hilary Evans and Peter Brookesmith from the U.K., with Thomas ‘Ed’ Bullard, Karl Pflock, Dennis Stacy, and Robert Scheaffer from the U.S. Sociologist and veteran anomalist Marcello Truzzi chaired the meeting. And Betty Hill herself joined the group for an evening’s entertainment and a morning tour of the sites where, she says, she and Barney encountered aliens. What the participants concluded is recorded in our newest book, Encounters at Indian Head: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited, along with additional commentaries written especially for this book by the Hills’ first investigator, Walter N. Webb, and critical analyst Martin Kottmeyer. It was originally supposed to be published on the 40th anniversary of Betty and Barney Hill’s UFO abduction, but given trade publishing’s lack of interest in UFO books since the turn of the century, and other matters of both life and death, it hasn’t seen the light of day until now–thanks to Anomalist Books. Superbly edited by Karl Pflock and Peter Brookesmith, the book makes clear that the 2000 symposium at Indian Head was more than an exercise in diverse interpretations but a common quest to establish, as far as humanly possible, what actually happened to the Hills so many years ago.

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    […] Encounters at Indian Head: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited, edited by Karl Pflock & Peter Brookesmith is published by Anomalist Books and costs $17.95 in the US and 12 Pounds in the UK. […]