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DimensionsConfrontationsRevelationsIn the Spring 2009 issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Chris Rutkowski revisits Jacques Vallee’s “remarkable series of books: Dimensions, Confrontations, and Revelations” and finds the experience “fascinating.” Vallee’s “different slant on what may be going on” is “antithetical to popular belief about UFOs,” notes Rutkowski. “Presented in a logical, coherent sequence (and with thematically attractive new covers), Vallee makes his case for his position that the UFO phenomenon is not extraterrestrial but terrestrial in nature, and not simply physical, but psychosocial in character.” In the final paragraphs of his review, Rutkowski summarizes Vallee’s accomplishments in the Alien Contact Trilogy: “Vallee does several important things toward the advancement of ufology. First he provides data to show that the UFO phenomenon is real and has been part of human history for millennia. Second, he emphasizes that it is an absurd phenomenon that does not seem to be conformable to simple scientific categorization. Third, he shows that current approaches by both debunkers and believers fail to address the complex nature of the phenomenon and do a great disservice to its witnesses. Fourth, he suggests a methodology that may be more useful in understanding the phenomenon. And fifth, he theorizes that a clandestine organization, military or otherwise, is obscuring the nature of the phenomenon to its own end.”