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Worlds Before Our OwnBrent Raynes, the editor of Alternate Perceptions, has penned a wonderful review of Brad Stieger’s Worlds Before Our Own. “Once again,” he writes, “the most prolific and popular author we know, the legendary Brad Steiger has had another one of his greatest and most worthy classics reprinted.” Noting that this book “was a pioneering exploration of ancient global civilizations and so-called ‘erratics’—’man-made’ artifacts that turned up in unexpected places like primordial geological strata,” Raynes goes to say that “Brad had led the pack some fifteen years before Michael Cremo’s Forbidden Archaeology and others, and in a sense he was kind of like Barbara Mandrel in that song where she was country when country wasn’t cool!” I think Brad will be flattered by the comparison, even if he’s not a country music fan! Raynes ends his review with these words: “Though originally published nearly three decades ago, Worlds Before Our Own is still a very thought-provoking book written by one of the best qualified investigative writers to tackle such exciting and challenging historical controversies…”

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