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dwThey lurk in obscurity. Looming human figures, blacker than darkness. Millions across the globe see them. The unfortunate feel their touch. And some awake in horror to their red, unblinking stare. In Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us, Jason Offutt is able to shine some light on the world of the Shadow People thanks to the dozens of interviews he conducted with eyewitnesses. Offutt views these beings through the lens of science, religion, and metaphysics, and asks: Are they ghosts, demons, hallucinations, or something else entirely? Brad Steiger has this to say about the book in his foreword: “Jason Offutt’s excellent study of the phenomenon presents us with the most thorough and complete work yet written regarding the mysterious beings that we have come to call collectively, the Shadow People…Jason may not have any ultimate answers, but no one has done a better job of defining who or what these shades might be.”