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hill-14-20-20.jpgUFO researcher and author Nick Refern has given Encounters at Indian Head a very thorough review over at UFO Mystic. He praises the book as “quite possibly the most significant published piece of work on the [Betty and Barney] Hill affair to date.” Redfern particularly likes the way this book was done: “This is the sort of book that I have wanted to see published for a long time: namely one that sees a group of Ufologists, researchers and writers get together, debate and discuss a controversial case, argue and defend their respective positions, and then try and reach some form of conclusion.” In sum, he finds the book to be “a good, solid, wide-ranging study of one of the most famous, talked-about and important UFO cases of all time. And while the book contains a variety of theories from an equal variety of observers, all seem unanimous in the idea that – whatever the truth of the Hill affair – its effect and influence upon Ufology and alien abduction research and reports has been enormous.” You can read the entire review here.