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dwThe reviews for Jason Offutt’s Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us have been pouring in. A rather skeptical Jerry Clark, in Fate, does at least admit the title is “cool,” and Peter Rogerson in his review of the book in Magonia sets the stage with these words: “Ten to fifteen years ago nobody had heard of ‘Shadow People,’ now they are the latest fortean phenomenon..” But Nick Refern points out in his review on UFO Mystic that “there are definite parallels between the ominous Shadow People of Jason’s book and some of the stranger, occult/paranormal-driven Men in Black-type reports highlighted by the likes of Keel, Bender and Barker.” An enthusiastic Redfern goes on to say that the book is “a heady, ominous and roller-coaster ride into the twilight world of some of the strangest and most unsettling creatures to ever grace our planet….All in all, this is a great, informative, detailed and highly thought-provoking study of a phenomenon that straddles the realms of the paranormal, the occult and ufology with uncanny ease…” Finally, the review by Micah A. Hanks, on The Gralien Report, compliments Offutt for looking at this phenomenon “with new clarity, and perhaps even gives us the first complete work dedicated solely to the phenomenon… Offutt points out unique aspects of people’s encounters with shadow people…tying together for us unforeseen amounts of loose ends that seem to comprise the ‘high strangeness’ associated with ghostly phenomenon.” A somewhat spooked Hanks sums it up in the end, saying: “the book provides an eerie window into the lives of others like us who, under perhaps the most frightening circumstances imaginable, have managed to accept their fears, and even learn from them.”