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Celestial SecretsWe have seen a surge in the sales of our reprints of the first two volumes of the Fátima trilogy due to the pent-up demand resulting from the demise of the books’ original publisher last year. The first review out of the gate comes courtesy of the excellent site known as Disinformation. The reviewer, who goes by the name “mortimer,” begins by summarizing the thesis: “The trilogy argues, quite convincingly, that the famous Fátima incident of 1917 … did not actually involve a series of Marian apparitions (as is commonly accepted) but may in fact have been a sequence of extra-terrestrial encounters of a most unusual nature.” His review focuses on the second volume, Celestial Secrets: The Hidden History of the Fátima Incident, that “explores the supposed church ‘cover-up’ surrounding the matter, which the authors claim has both influenced the modern interpretation of the Fátima incident and concealed what may very likely be one of the first recorded cases of a 20th century alien encounter…The book left me convinced that indeed a church cover-up had occurred.” Though not totally convinced of the ufological interpretation, the reviewer found “the subject and the recorded events make for compelling reading in whatever context one wishes to interpret them.” The book, he concludes is “a pleasure to read.”