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tccDr. Berthold Schwarz gave high marks to The Tujunga Canyon Contacts in his review of the book, which appeared in the April 2010 issue of The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies. The book, he writes, “centers upon the experiences of two young women abductees whose UFO encounters began in 1953 in their Tujunga Canyon, California, cabin; and these were followed by repeated, related events involving three additional women, all of whom were interviewed and studied over many years by Ann Druffel and, later, also with Scott Rogo… [These two authors] ask all the questions that are usually thought of — and many more. They do not eschew the several, often taboo, areas. For example, psychopathological factors as well as various and sometimes omitted, or unintentionally minimized, medical data are discussed. These scholars have done their homework… There are no minced words… The authors are to be commended for presenting their data in a highly readable, responsible narrative. They tactfully interweave the often disparate lives of the five women in proper chronology, which subdues an otherwise nearly unfathomable, circuitous complexity: the type of situation that scares away many other investigators… This sensitively written documentation probes the deeper recesses of the mind, and human-UFO experiences… Great Work!”

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