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ctBy now there have been many reviews of Mac Tonnies’ posthumously published book, The Cryptoterrestrials. Most of them have praised the book, though some, frankly, have panned it. (Mac knew that what he had to say would not please everybody and neither did we think so when we published it.) By far the most thoughtful review, however, was penned by Paul Kimball, who was, yes, a friend and colleague of Mac’s. It appeared on Paul’s blog, “The Other Side of the Truth,” and we will quote from it extensively here (or read the full review): “In a prime example of quality over quantity, Mac has left us with an impassioned and thought-provoking clarion call for a new way of thinking, not just about the UFO phenomenon or even the paranormal in general, but about ourselves. The UFO phenomenon is the focus of The Cryptoterrestrials, at least on the surface. Mac takes direct aim from the beginning at the purveyors of ufological orthodoxy, namely those people who are convinced that the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is the Extraterrestrial Fact… He pulls no punches, skewering the majority of ufology both for their blind adherence to the ETH, and for their willing self-marginalization… it doesn’t matter whether people within ufology ‘get’ what Mac is saying, because he was aiming his sights a lot higher. Rather than just reinforce existing views, or rehash old ground, Mac takes the foundations that have been built by writers and researchers as diverse as Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Whitley Strieber and David Jacobs, and expands upon them, even as he points out the flaws in their theories. His goal is not to find a definitive answer, or to create an alternative orthodoxy, but rather to ask as many questions as he could, and try to come up with some ideas about where we may find the answers. He was a true revolutionary, a New Light for the paranormal… So, what are the cryptoterrestrials? In Mac’s hypothesis, they are a race of indigenous humanoids who share this planet with us. Technologically superior in many ways (but not, perhaps, all ways), they are on the decline, even as we continue to ascend—they are, if not a dying race, then one whose time has passed. And we are the noisy, and in many ways dangerous ‘new’ kids on the block. Unlike Vallee or Keel, Mac does not sidestep the physical reality of the UFO phenomenon—in his hypothesis, they exist in this world, literally… In a world where hyperbole has become the lingua franca, The Cryptoterrestrials is the rare work that deserves to be called a ‘must read.’ It represents a true paradigm shift in our understanding of the mysteries of the paranormal. This is a book that deserves to be read far and wide, and which offers up an opportunity to revitalize the UFO subject, and make it relevant again—but only if we are courageous and intellectually honest enough to embrace it.” Thank you, Paul.