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The new issue of the British magazine Alien Worlds features Nick Redfern’s review of Martin Kottmeyer’s new book, An Alien Who’s Who. “Kottmeyer has done something that few authors seldom do,” writes Redfern, “he leaves his own views and beliefs at the door, and instead provides the reader with entertaining – and otherwise very hard to find – summaries on alleged other-worldly entities that have supposedly been manifesting before select members of the Human Race for decades. Kottmeyer relates their bizarre, unverifiable and at times completely false tales, prophecies and warnings. And, in a roundabout way, he amply demonstrates that for all the attempts to legitimise Ufology as a serious science, it is still a subject that is packed with odd and unusual characters with weird names and even weirder motivations…An Alien Who’s Who is vital reading for anyone and everyone that wants to learn more about some of the strange, other-worldly beings said to have visited our planet and whose exploits, without Kottmeyer, would otherwise be lost to the fog of time.” Did he like it? Try this: “Martin Kottmeyer’s book is damned good fun and highly informative.”