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grufosAnomalist Books is proud to announce the republication of a book originally produced by the Fund for UFO Research in cooperation with the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies: GRASSROOTS UFOs: Case Reports from the Center for UFO Studies by Michael D. Swords. The material for the book was gathered over a period of a dozen years, when John Timmerman ran a traveling UFO exhibit for CUFOS that appeared in malls from Seattle to Dallas to Nova Scotia, and from Guam to Puerto Rico. In the process he spoke to hundreds of people from around the world who came in off the street and described their own UFO sightings and experiences. Timmerman ended up with nearly 1,200 taped interviews, firsthand testimony with the lingering taste of truth. Realizing that these stories present the UFO phenomenon in all its raw glory, Michael Swords decided to summarize and analyze this independent trove of evidence for the reality of the phenomenon, and subsequently wrote and illustrated the present volume, which until now has not been available to the general public. If you’re familiar with the writings of Michael Swords, you know you’re in for a treat. If not, prepare to be amazed.