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The long-awaited third and final volume of the highly praised Fátima Trilogy is now out. Fátima Revisited: The Apparition Phenomenon in Ufology, Psychology, and Science was compiled by Fernando Fernandes, Joaquim Fernandes, and Raul Berenguel; and translated from the Portuguese and edited by Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson. It includes a Foreword by William J. Birnes and an Introduction by Ralph Steiner. In this anthology, an international panel of leading scholars subjects the legendary apparitions to the scrutiny of modern scientific analysis. Various points of view are examined: Could there be a simple physiological explanation for the experience? Was mind control involved? Were the witnesses in altered states of consciousness? Or was it all related to the UFO contact experience? The list of contributors is impressive. They include anthropologist SCOTT ATRAN, psychologist IRENE BLINSTON, psychotherapist JANET ELIZABETH COLLI, anthropologist RYAN J. COOK, physicist ERIC DAVIS, historian DAVID M. JACOBS, human consciousness pioneer STANLEY KRIPPNER, and astrophysicist JACQUES F. VALLÉE – all from the U.S.; engineer FERNANDO FERNANDES, historian JOAQUIM FERNANDES, psychologist VITOR RODRIGUES, psychiatrist MARIO SIMÕES, and researcher RAUL BERENGUEL – all from Portugal; as well as the British neurophysiologist FRANK McGILLION, the Belgian physicist AUGUSTE MEESSEN, the Brazilian psychotherapist GILDA MOURA, and the Canadian neuroscientist MICHAEL A. PERSINGER.