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Now Available: The Secret Art

September 20, 2009

secretartDuncan Laurie is another artist unveiling secrets. He is best known for producing architectural glass designs for such clients as Blackrock Financial Management, 9 West, Citicorp Executive Center, Anne Klein II, Electra Records, Estée Lauder, Capital Cities ABC, and many other individuals and companies throughout the world. His introduction to alternative technology and inventors three decades ago led him eventually to look into the subject of radionics, a topic much maligned by mainstream science. In his new book, The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual, Laurie sheds some new light on this controversial subject from the point of view of an artist. The history of radionics is the story of how various inventors designed devices that employ directed intent to affect the real world. With these tools, they have promoted healing without pills or surgery, grown crops without fertilizer, restrained insect predation without pesticides, and performed a host of other seemingly impossible feats that defy mechanistic science. The Secret Art traces this astonishing process beginning with prehistoric and indigenous peoples, whose art was also a means of interacting with Nature to enhance healing, increase crop yields, and enable visionary experiences. Eventually, radionic inventors discovered by trial and error that even drawings and bizarre technology could function radionically. This discovery followed a long process of design innovation that started with mechanical devices, proceeded through a generation of electronic instruments, and most recently has been applied to computer and software technology. Laurie believes that the potential exists today for radionic ideas to empower creative individuals to develop skills in working with Nature that achieve profound real world results.

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